Bob Pickard

Article: A Survivor's Guide to Selling Your House on Your Own

South Bay Living magazine

For sale by owner blues

Fizzbos. That’s not the new exploding breakfast cereal you kids are clamoring for. It’s how you pronounce that scourge of Realtors, the real estate phenomenon known as FSBO: For sale by owner.

I was a FSBO not quite two years ago, though at the time I didn’t know that agents had coined such a catchy name for people selling their home themselves. When I first heard the term, it made me think of some effervescent antacid---the kind I constantly swilled during the whole months-long transaction.

FSBOs, of course, want to avoid paying an agent’s commission on the sale of their home. Selling a home with the help of agents, lenders, and escrow officers is tough enough, but still the ranks of FSBOs keep growing.

FSBOs: Are we the last of the true grass-roots capitalists who made this country great, or just greedy? Are we brave mariners on the storm-tossed seas of high finance, or crackpots who’d cross the Atlantic in a plastic trash can to save a few bucks? Probably a little of both.