Bob Pickard

Writing Samples

World-Class Marketing for World-Class Financial Institutions

Deluxe Corporation June 2017

Mobile application case study: The Alaska Aces hockey team

Hopscotch July 14th, 2016 Visit the original article online

Family turns home cooking into two restaurants

San Diego Union-Tribune December 6th, 2015 Visit the original article online

Riding Toward Recovery: Fallbrook equine therapy center helps a former Army Scout wounded in Iraq War

San Diego Union-Tribune October 9th, 2015 Visit the original article online

Article: The Hubble Space Telescope is One Stellar Observatory

CSC World; IABC Gold Quill award winner

Web Copy: Introducing a New IBM Website

IBM Tivoli website

CSC Technology Winners

CSC World magazine

Remembering the Moon Landing

TRW Sentinel magazine

Profile: The Fanatical Life of Yacht Racer Michael Kane

Esquire Magazine

Blog: Helping a Tiny Medical Company Cut Costs, Build Sales, and Aid Kids with Eczema

Yahoo Advertising Blog September 9th, 2014 Visit the original article online

Speech: Building America's Engineering Excellence

Delivered by Al Zollar, former General Manager of IBM Tivoli Software, at Georgia Tech University

Article: A Survivor's Guide to Selling Your House on Your Own

South Bay Living magazine